International Spotlights

Sounds of Sápmi

IMAGINE the ice and snow of the Arctic landscape, the bitter cold of the Northern wind, the hint of compelling blue under a crystallized lake. Close your eyes. Then listen. Really listen. You’ll feel a voice before you even hear it. It’s like none other. It’s a voice that brings the landscape alive with a mesmerizing purity. It's Mari Boine.
Mari Boine
The Grammy-nominated artist Sara Ajnnak from Sweden creates something very personal, the traditional yoik mixed with oriental strings, electronic influences in a contemporary and updated soundscape of the north. Her strength as a performer is the way she communicates emotions through her voice. Concerts are described as a journey through time and space.
Sofia Jannok, born and raised in Sápmi, is a a twice-Grammy-nominated artist from Sweden. Her music contains beats, power yoiks, pop tunes and innovative vastness. Her voice carries dynamic landscapes and no matter whether the lyrics are in English, Swedish or Sámi Sofia Jannok embraces each sound with every album and distinctly reveals her clear message through music
With his band V A S S V I K the circumpolar soundpoet Torgeir Vassvik provides you with a fresh kick from the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Whether you listen to him in Norway, Canada, Japan or Malaysia, you get mesmerized by his new vision of animistic Joik, the vocal art of the Sami indigenous people of Northern Europe.
Duo VILDÁ combines mystical yoiks, swinging rhythms and improvisation in a fascinating way. Influenced by contemporary pop music and Finnish folk music, a unique soundtrack is born that will carry the listener to the northern fells, where the winds of the Sámiland blow.