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Condor Meets the Eagle

AMA & HAU is a new musical project between partners Mario Amahiro Tuki and Vai a Tare Paoa. Mario is a Rapanui singer-songwriter from an extensive family of artists, prominent practitioners of sculpture and knowledge holders of rapanui oral tradition, and vocalist of the indigenous fusion rock band Amahir., Vai is a Rapa Nui woman, publicist, event producer, singer a
Isleña Antumalen is a soul rap singer of Mapuche williche origin belonging to the territory of Puel Willi Mapu or Cuenca del Lago Ranco, lives on a Mapuche island called Isla Huapi, hence her stage name Isleña. She began her musical and composition career in 2018 at the age of 19, exposing social and political content about the Mapuche people.
Isleña Antumalen