Lola Parks

Langley, Kwantlen Territory

Soul Folk

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LOLA PARKS is an award-winning soul folk singer-songwriter with a mission to achieve cultural brokerage through voice and song. Lola sings with an honesty that inspires her audience to dig deeper and share a genuine connection across diverse barriers. Lola’s dangerous lyrics and seductive voice compel listeners of all ages to move closer, in hopes of capturing every note and word. New album, No Apologies, is a musical shotgun to your heart, available now.
SANDY POWLIK is a BC-based singer-songwriter who has turned heads for years. From fronting a 17-piece big band, co-founding and being sole lyricist/vocalist for original folk rock group, Sonnenblume, she has since staged her own show, LOLA PARKS, for years. A nationally-recognized multi-award winner, including “Most Outstanding Musician – Vocal Jazz" and “Female Songwriter of the Year,” her 2011 release Here garnered three Vancouver Island Music Awards nominations and continues to receive international and playlist attention.

Her music is intimate, evocative, boho chic Soul Folk Pop. She is a skillful and intelligent songwriter, straddling genres while staying true to her jazz roots and allowing her world pop sensibilities to surface.

LOLA is female Indigenous artist compelled to create, cultivate and share her art. A 12th generation Canadian of Montagnais, Ukrainian, French and British ancestry, her heritage deeply influences her songwriting and music.

She has created a fiercely independent musical history that includes studio recordings, vocal sessions, collaborations and performing around the world. She has led Western Canada tours and had TV/film/radio placements including on TV's "Higher Ground", Mutant Films’ "The Orchard" and CBC’s current “Early Edition” theme song. Pre-release, track “Hey Hey” aired on CBC Radio, at 2019 BC Culture Days and in the Talking Stick Festival 2020 promo video.

The pandemic led to 10 weekly Facebook livestreams, a virtual Canada Day concert, premiering new Indigenous livestream platform Virtual Feast, peer assessing for WCMA, FPCC, FACTOR, BCTC and Music BC, and recording her 4th studio album, No Apologies, feat. singles "Dreamer," ISC 2020 semi-finalist "Freight Train" and songs that dare you to dream: awake and empowered.

“One seriously amazing voice” - Brett Smith-Daniels, Luxton Fair

"Lola Parks is the most mature, original, soulful and honest fusion/folk act I've had the pleasure to witness. Sandy's dangerous writing and immaculate vocal stylings inspire me to get up tomorrow.” - Barry Newman, Cosmic Debris Mag

“Sandy's songs hold nothing from an audience. The lyrics display a masterful command of the language combined with honest, simple expression. More impressive than her songwriting, her voice is an instrument of pure beauty that rivals any contemporary female performer." – David Burke, bassist

“Wow, what a talent and a pleasure to play alongside with you. Seriously. Keep doing what you do. The world needs voices like yours.” – Corey Ross, drummer

“Your voice is like a crazy hypnotic drug. You are dangerous. Beautiful. You have a way of making me real.” - Brett Jordan, furniture designer

“Sandy’s music comes from a place of natural beauty. Like the artist herself it sings with honesty and makes the listener move closer in hopes of capturing every note and word.” - Jeff Dawson – Producer, Vancouver