The r.a.p. (The road allowance peoples)
Red River Métis/Cree
Coulee (she/her) Riel8 (he/him)

Unceded territory of Lekwungen speaking peoples represented by the Songhess and Esquilmalt Nations.

Electronic/Ambient/Trip hop

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The r.a.p. is the acronym for Road Allowance Peoples, a name despairingly given to our ancestors, The Metis. We’re both born into musical families, and the musical legacy of the Métis. Their members Coulee(Singer/Songwriter/Composer) and Reil8( Beats, Composer, Producer) strive to create a sound outside of the margins. They’re self taught, experimental, hands on musicians who create every piece of their work, from mixing and mastering, self promo, to album graphics. “Enshrouded” there debut ep, single “Barred” already won a 2nd place award in a competition held by The Indigenous Music Awards. They’re committed to being prolific in their body of works with a second album already in progress. Coulee, also a visual artist hopes to win a Juno for best album art one day. Many exciting things are coming from this act to watch!! ..... “Our roots are deep and enrich the tapestry of today, coloring our stories in song. The old wolves are our muse, imbuing us with their power. We howl under the moon, we tear up the dance floors, we echo into tomorrow. Carefully assembling a sound, stitched of space and soul, carrying forward our spirits on a digital plane. This is for the outlier, discarded, troubadour and the invisible peoples.”