Ethan Lyric

Winnipeg, Manitoba


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Ethan Lyric is an 18-year-old indigenous musician and songwriter out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Growing up he was surrounded by music such as Country, Folk, and Jazz. These all come together to help influence his indie-folk esque sound. He began playing guitar in middle school and grew to love music from there. It was not until high school though where he would discover his love for songwriting. His style of writing being very blunt and on the nose in the most charming kind of way. Reviewers such as Bad Gardening Advice calling him "An incredibly talented singer-songwriter". Lyrics first song "Unoriginal" was released in the summer of 2019 and had a very strong reception from those who got the chance to listen. From there is when his career really got rolling.

Building multiple variations of a home studio over the course of the years, he was keen on getting the best sound out of what he could find. Producing and writing all of his own music, he spends a lot of time in these spaces thinking up and creating his next big projects. Being self-taught for almost all instruments and software he uses, Lyric spends a lot of time learning and perfecting his craft to be the best it can be. Working together with other artists to help move along their careers is one of the things he enjoys the most, and he believes the collaboration part of music is one of the most important. Releasing songs such as "Get Me Back" featuring Tuva Bergstrom, showing off his love of making art with others.

The beginning of the pandemic is when Lyric really began to move along his career with his newfound free time. In the summer of 2020, he entered the "Into The Muskeg" indigenous artist contest hosted by Indigenous Music. Lyric won, even as the youngest contestant out of everyone involved. His song "Sugar Plum", being his most popular to date, is what won him the contest, and also pushed him further into the local spotlight. "Sugar Plum" garnered over 8,000 streams on Spotify alone, helping him to create a large fan base in his hometown of Winnipeg. This song even led to him being added to the Winnipeg x William Prince official Amazon playlist, showing his songs are some of the best coming out of Winnipeg at the moment.

Not being able to play a live show before the pandemic, Lyric now finds himself thriving in the digital world. He was recently asked to perform at the LRSD Indigenous Music Festival, creating a five-song set video performance. With roots in music, acting, film making, and editing, he has the perfect combination to find success in this digital setting, now creating fun and exciting performances even from the confinement of his home. Ethan Lyric is now in the final stages of his first big EP release slated for the coming months. People are just waiting to see what exciting new things the young artist will come up with next.