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In 2012, the native singer-songwriter from Rapa Nui Mario "Ama" Tuki produced his first studio album called "TAPU" (Consecration), a process to give life to part of his compositions made over the years.

Gathering a group of musicians to work on the album, he first included Carlos Campusano, a percussionist from mainland, followed by the native musicians Ata Weissweiller Tepano on drums and Te Uira Zuñiga Tuki on the bass.

In 2013 he met Vai a Tare Paoa, also a native young woman raised in the mainland, who became the backing vocal of the band since then.

On this configuration, Amahiro recorded most of Tapu album at Rapa Nui based TOKERAU STUDIO.

Paoa's vocals would be recorded and added to the album in Santiago, during the mixing process.

During the university in mainland he met Andres Pakarati, a Rapa Nui musician radicated in the chilean capital. Once settled back in the island he became Amahiro's lead guitar until today.

By the end of 2014 the album was done and they sent it to Argentinato be mastered at STEPS AHEAD SOUND by mastering engineer Gustavo Fourcade.

After all year 2015 playing the álbum, a proper release became official in January 2016 at KANAHAU, a new venue on the island.

2016 meant big changes for the band with the inclusion of the chilean sound engineer Bruno Rojas. He rapidly became the band's roadie and official sound engineer.

In this format they begun the touring period for the band, leaving the island to perform in mayor stages and festivals in the mainland.

In January 2017 they've attended FITAM Festival in Santiago, where after a "sold out" concert at Gabriela Mistral Center they proved that a band of an remote origin and exotic language but with great music, could successfully perform at mayor events and festivals of the national music scene.

That resulted in an invitation to perform at LOLLAPALOOZA Santiago in April the same year, tagging the quality of the band amidst the most important names of the alternative music circle in Chile.

Despite professional growing, the band suffered an inflection after its participation in lolapalooza. The drummer and bassist left the band for differences of the group focusing and the demanded time needed for the project.

Struggling along 2017 and 2018 and auditioning musicians to fill their configuration, they finally included Felu Vega, a chilean drummer radicated in the island, entering the band with strong rock influences. In parallel, Bruno Rojas, former Amahiro's roadie and sound engineer grabbed the bass to complete the band.

Since then, the band keeps same members and formation, resulting a new stage in Amahiro's history and sound.

Today, their enjoy of recognizance in their homeland as an iconic contemporary music group, and they've been highlighted overseas by their fans and the specialized critique as an “eclectic and powerful indigenous rock band” and a "must see and listen" World Music performance.