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Globally known for raising the banner DEMARCATION NOW at the opening of the World Cup 2014, Kunumi MC is a 19 years old with two records already released and is one of most representative artists of the Native Brazilian Indigenous music today.

Resident of the traditional Krukutu village, in the Parelheiros region, south of São Paulo, the Guarani Nation artist found in rap a means of expressing his ancestry and fighting for the demarcation of indigenous lands, for the preservation of nature, in addition to another conception of spirituality . In 2020 he released three singles with their respective and strong videoclips. The indigenous futurism is present in 'Xondaro Ka'aguy Reguá', in 'Moradia de Deus' he brings questions about our interconnection with the whole, while 'Força de Tupã', produced in partnership with Colombian artist Lozk, it evokes the presence and support of Tupã and honors forest medicine. All added on his young bur very productive career with another two releases the debut EP, “My Blood is Red” (2017) and the album “Todo Dia É Dia de Índio” (2018).

Kunumi MC live has already played at SIM São Paulo, UN’s Festival RecoverBetter.Latam and several festivals, but aside from being a rapper, he's a writer and has two published books - one of them was co-written with his brother Tupã Mirin, called ‘Contos dos Curumins Guaranis’ (Tales of the Curumins Guaranis) and the other is called ‘Kunumi Guarani’. Tupã accompanies Kunumi on stage as DJ Tupan and together they perform the powerful RAP Nativo (Native RAP), a new Hip-Hop subgenre which is the music making from a native indigenous' perspective about his own culture. In his case, the ethnicity Mbyá-Guarani.

As for his musical influences, Kunumi MC points out other native indigenous artists as the groups Brô MC's and Oz Guarani, Djuena Tikuna and Ibã Huni Kuin along with the classic names of the Brazilian RAP like Racionais MC's and Criolo whom he has recorded with the song Demarcação Já - Terra Ar Mar. So far, Kunumi has released three other singles: Xondaro Ka´aguy Reguá, Moradia de Deus and Força de Tupã.

He is also the main attraction in the documentary My Blood is Red, produced by the British Needs Must Film. The documentary, shot in 2016, has taken the artist to many indigenous villages throughout Brazil to get to truly know other ethnicities peoples' real life. Along the way, he witnessed the violence exercised by ruralists, loggers, miners and politicians against the indigenous people. At the same time, Kunumi meets Criolo, one of the most important rappers in Brazil, who blesses him and thrills us in an encounter of two great artists of different generations. The film is today available at Amazon Prime Video in many different countries.

For 2021, the rapper prepares the release of his second album with support from the support program Natura Musical and will be released by the Indie label Let’s GIG.