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Hailing from Skatin Nations (pr: Skah-Teen; AKA Skookumchuck), Dan AKA Doobie had originally hoped to become an Athlete until he succumbed to a knee injury that completely changed his plans. In the midst of a Deep Depression, Dan was introduced to hip hop and lyricism by his brother Jaime and hasn’t looked back since writing his first rhyme in 2001. Patrick Kelly(Hope)’s return from living in New York marked the beginning of a new chapter in Dan’s life as he, Jaime, and Patrick all came together to create Status Krew Society (Later changed to Status Krew). Status Krew quickly became a powerhouse local hip hop group on the Vancouver Hip Hop Scene, Recording, Performing and maintaining an original style all their own. From Rapping at parties of the Reserve to Rapping on stage on Granville in Vancouver, Doobie has come a long way on his journey in hip hop but one thing has remained the same: his content. Doobie Raps about being Indigenous in Canada, experiencing life on the reserve through his eyes, something many Canadians are still very unfamiliar with. Being apart of Status Krew and more recently Rudegang Entertainment has given Doobie the Confidence, the Tools and the Experience to continue Growing, Creating and Releasing his Music.