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White Bear First Nation


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Dale Mac, is a Singer/Songwriter from White Bear First Nation in Saskatchewan. The storytelling in his lyrics and driving music are both backed by his soulful and energetic guitars. His experience as a guitarist and songwriter comes from being the lead guitarist in a unique and successful Cree Language hard rock power-trio throughout the early 2000s. As a band, he recorded and released three albums, recorded singles, performed several festivals, and shared stages with some of the industry’s most successful bands at the time. In 2012 after his first band parted, Dale formed a mainstream rock group that was instantly picked up on radio with a debut single and he continued to hone his guitar songwriter skills. His second professional group shared stages with the likes of:
-One Bad Son
-Bleeker Ridge
-Econoline Crush

In Fall of 2013, Dale recorded a single and independent solo roots/rock EP titled “Whistle Man”.
By June 2016, Dale’s radio single titled “The Road Ahead” reached #21 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and Sirius XM. In October 2016, Dale returned to Nashville where he met with some of the top musicians and observed bluesy guitar styles and showmanship.
By the end of 2017, Dale’s sophomore EP “American Horse” was released and featured the successful single “The Rad Ahead”. The American Horse EP is blues rock driven, influenced by his time watching and meeting blues guitarists in Nashville, and titled after Chief American Horse who, like Dale’s late father, advocated for healthy relations between nations, education, and family. The music and words blended cultural references hidden in his lyrics with contemporary music to introduce people to his view of reconciliation and balance.
In 2018, he hosted National Indigenous Peoples Day at Banff Arts Centre for Creativity where he shared his stories and his upcoming album’s work. Dale was later awarded a grant from Canada Arts Council to assist in the creation of his album "Pejuta Road". In November 2018, Dale’s work in “American Horse” earned him a nomination for Indigenous Artist Of The Year at the inaugural Sask Music Awards.
His new writings gained support and developed into inspiration to tell his experiences through his next album. As a result, his third release titled ”Pejuta (Medicine) Road” is in production.

Dale will be releasing his first singles off his new album "Pejuta Road" in 2021 which will celebrate his late father's threatened Nakota Language.